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Extentech and MindTouch Partner to bring Advanced Spreadsheet Capabilities to Strategic Content within the MindTouch Platform

San Francisco and San Diego, California (PRWEB) June 17, 2011

Extentech, creator of Sheetsterthe first open source web spreadsheetand MindTouch, maker of the world’s most respected social knowledge base, have partnered to bring advanced spreadsheet capabilities to the MindTouch Platform. With a focus on the structured data residing in strategic content, the Sheetster MindTouch Add-On allows users to maintain tabular data, such as product feature matrices, definitions, parameter lists, and any number of table-based data, within a familiar spreadsheet interface embedded in the MindTouch user interface.

Says John McMahon, Extentech CEO, “Using social spreadsheets to manage data and business objects, such as charts and formulas, saves time and money and increases accuracy by keeping data in one place. The Sheetster Add-On provides an inline management tool for the category of embedded tabular contentcontent that has accuracy, timeliness, and even compliance needs that must be treated and leveraged separately from unstructured textual content. When combined with the ability to edit this data through MindTouch in a familiar Excel-like UI, the Add-On provides a compelling choice for managing structured data within strategic content. Both MindTouch and Extentech are excited to announce this product and look forward to working with our customers in deploying workflows and identifying use cases that can take full advantage of these innovative capabilities.”

Stored and maintained in a centralized location, and using the full power of spreadsheets, users with proper access rights can maintain and update this table-based information without affecting written content. The tables can then be converted to HTML and linked into knowledgebase articles or other strategic content with a few mouse clicks.

“We’re very excited to bring our integration with Sheetster to the MindTouch customer community,” said Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of MindTouch. “The Sheetster product brings collaborative spreadsheets to the masses, with the enterprise capabilities required by the MindTouch customer base.”

Along with collecting and organizing data, users can professionally display data within the MindTouch platform. Dynamic charts and graphs can be created in the Sheetster spreadsheet UI, then embedded and presented in the user help system or other strategic content.

Beyond the initial use in the social knowledgebase, these information graphics can be further embedded and edited within project management team sites, information portals, knowledge bases, and moreall while retaining MindTouch version control and data access compliance.

Open source and built on open-standards for a completely customizable solution, the software offers numerous benefits for developers. Using the powerful MindTouch and Sheetster REST APIs, users can mashup functionality to develop and share spreadsheet-based applications.

Additional Sheetster MindTouch Add-On Features Include:

Open source solution comes with a significantly lower cost than other solutions, without vendor lock-in risks.
Robust spreadsheet file format support reads Excel 97-2010 file formats, import from CSV and XML data.
Output spreadsheets in a variety of formats from Excel 97-2010, XML, CSV, JSON, and Adobe PDF.
All spreadsheet and collaboration data can be exported and shared further.
Constrain data entry with locked cells and data validations.

To learn more and download a free 30-day trial visit:

About MindTouch

An open source and collaboration leader since 2005, MindTouch provides the world’s most respected social knowledge base and develops purpose-built help 2.0 communities for many of the world’s most trusted brands. Millions use MindTouch every day. MindTouch delivers exceptional and engaging product help experiences by creating a community experience atop online help content. Thousands of great companies like Paypal, Autodesk, The Washington Post, Mozilla, HTC, HP-Palm, and Intuit use MindTouch. Learn more at:

About Extentech, Inc.

Since 1999, Extentech Inc. has developed state-of-the-art spreadsheet development tools. Extentech is the creator of the first Open Source Ajax Web Spreadsheet server, and has provided BI and Integration solutions for G2k companies such as IBM, JPMorgan, Nielsen Corporation, Toyota, and hundreds of other companies worldwide. Extentech is committed to creating the best docs and spreadsheet editing and development tools, with the flexibility and choice of open source. Sheetster and the DocsFree project are sponsored by Extentech Inc. Headquartered in San Francisco CA., Extentech, Inc. is a leader in collaborative web spreadsheet and docs technology.

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