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Fujitsu strengthens 32-bit CAN Microcontrollers with new family member

(PRWEB) February 19, 2003

February 18th 2003. Fujitsu Microelectronics has developed a new addition to its 32-bit CAN microcontroller family, the MB91F376G high-end MCU offering 768KB of embedded Flash. Core compatible with all other Fujitsu CAN microcontrollers of the MB91360 family, this new device is particularly suitable for use in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.

Continuing the successful MB91360 FR CAN family line, the MB91F376G is an enhanced version of the existing MB91F366G series. It supports all of the additional features previously available and is exactly identical in functionality and resources to the MB91F366G, but offers a 50% reduction in typical power consumption and 756KB of embedded Flash memory compared to the earlier device.

This high-end 32-bit RISC MCU with a host of on-chip peripherals including a 4KB Instruction RAM, DMA Controller, two CAN Buses, an I2C bus and two UARTs, as well as two Serial I/Os, four Input Capture Units and two Output Compare Units. In addition, eight Programmable Pulse Generators, four stepper motor controller-drivers, eight analogue channels, a Real-Time-Clock, two I/O Timers, six Reload Timers, eight external IRQs and a Subclock, is perfectly suited for automotive instrumentation applications, and is a powerful microcontroller for embedded industrial applications with CAN.

Fabricated in 0.35 micron technology the device is built around Fujitsu’s established FR core, which is a 5 stage pipelined RISC core with 16 general purpose registers and internal Harvard structure. The core is supported in this instance by 32KB data RAM.

End users benefit from the choice of a compatible device offering increased Flash memory, which shares the same software modules and operating systems as earlier devices in the family, such as OSEK, EurosPlus or embOS. An evaluation device, the starterkit MB91360, is also available enabling application and software design to be started immediately, and which can be used together with a package adapter and is supported by the Softune Workbench software development environment.

Housed in a 120-pin QFP package, sample quantities of the device are available now.


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