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Funderstanding Offers Greater Insight on the Theory of Natural Learning

Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) August 10, 2011, a site dedicated to education, curriculum, and learning resources, is highlighting articles presenting Natural Learning Theory and its benefits for the educational environment by renowned authors, Renate and Geoffrey Caine.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the amount of time children and teens spend on the computer has tripled over the last 10 years, and teens and children aged six to nine spend on average 3.5 hours of their day watching television. Educators and parents are searching for answers on how to tap into learning along with new ideas for accessing the brains natural desire to learn.

Renate and Geoffrey Caine coined the term brain-based learning in 1990 and are experts in the field, having synthesized research in areas ranging from neuroscience to cognitive psychology, resulting in a set of principles of learning that tie the brain and body together in unity, tapping into core general aspects of how the system learns. Over the years they have shown that these principles lie at the heart of how all human beings learn naturally. The principles are continually being substantiated by new research. The Caines concepts have been implemented all over the world, from the classroom to universities, and have served as foundational material for state documents.

Our first book, Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain, has been used in at least 30 states and on every continent, with a distribution of 300,000 copies, states Geoffrey. Published in 1991, the book focuses on how the brain/mind learns, and how to use that understanding to influence teaching.

The 12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles describe several processes that are all happening at the same time and so require teaching that is dynamic. The principles show that there are three core elements of effective teaching. They are:

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