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Goal Introduces the VERSA MIX – an Innovative, Feature-Rich, Fully Integrated, Cost-Effective, Microcontroller Based System-On-Chip (Soc) for use in the Embedded Data Acquisition Market

(PRWEB) September 19, 2002

Pioneers on the Digital Front

The second product family in Goal’s VERSA series, the VERSA MIX, is equipped with a new, powerful single cycle 8051 RISC processor that provides an average of 8 times more processing power than a standard 8051 microcontroller. The device integrates an innovative, powerful hardware MAC unit coupled with a 32-bit Barrel Shifter: together, these two units can effectively implement complex 16 and 32-bit DSP operations. Other features include a large 56K block of in-circuit re-programmable Flash Memory, as well as 1280 bytes of RAM.

The VERSA MIX offers a complete set of communication interfaces: the enhanced onboard I²C interface can operate at up to 1Mbps, and there are two fully configurable serial UARTs with dedicated baud rate generators and a differential RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. The VERSA MIX’s SPI is a fully configurable Master/Slave interface. Up to 4 devices can be addressed in Master Mode via 4 dedicated/programmable chip enables. The transaction size is adjustable from 1 to 32-bit, while the SPI interface clock polarity and phase are also programmable, providing support for all 4 SPI modes. Additionally, in Master Mode, the communication speed is fully adjustable up to 8Mbps.

The VERSA MIX can provide up to 32 digital I/O grouped in four 8-bit ports. These I/Os pins are shared with digital peripherals and are individually configurable as inputs or outputs. Also, there are three 16-bit timers/counters included in the VERSA MIX, one of which can be configured to provide up to 4 PWM outputs.

VERSA MIX Offers Unique Analog Features

With the aid of many on-chip analog peripherals, the VERSA MIX can function as a complete data acquisition SoC. Its 4-Channel 12-bit A/D converter can operate in single shot, automatic or continuous conversion mode with periodic interrupts to the processor. The A/D converter also includes a feature that allows sequential conversion of the 4 channels automatically. D/A converters can be implemented by filtering the outputs of the PWMs. To further minimize required board parts and to lower costs, the VERSA MIX includes a bandgap that provides voltage reference to the A/D and current source.

The VERSA MIX includes analog peripherals that are unusual to other microcontrollers. One of these features is a programmable current source, calibrated to deliver 33uA or 133uA. The current source can be used to excite traditional resistive components or sensors. The VERSA MIX devices also include up to two 256-step digital potentiometers, an operational amplifier and up to 2 digital switches.

Benefit by Saving Power

Future The VERSA MIX is equipped with a comprehensive set of power saving features, such as a clock control unit that allows users to adjust the system clock speed according to specific processing requirements, individual power controls for each peripheral and processor IDLE and STOP modes. The device is also equipped with an integrated Brown-Out circuit that eliminates the need for an external voltage monitor and power-on reset device.

The VERSA MIX devices are available in a wide range of pin configurations in 64, 52 and 44 QFP packages.

The VERSA MIX is designed for systems in key segments and sub-segments such as industrial, medical, consumer, instrumentation and automotive, and specifically intelligent sensor based systems. For a detailed (customer) market segment list, please click here or refer to the Sales section.

All VERSA product families are supported by a user-friendly Development/Evaluation Kit, comprehensive literature and documentation, practical application notes as well as full technical and applications support.

Goal’s products are sold worldwide by our highly technical network of manufacturers representatives and distributors. Goal is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company that supplies mixed-signal integrated circuits for the embedded data acquisition market. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

(Price for the VERSA MIX in quantities of 1,000 is US $ 7.25.)

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