Password based door locking system

Password based door locking system, uses Matrix keypad to enter the password, This project is extended to operate on IR Remote RC-604, In this project all required data is given Circuit diagram, C code, PCB design and All related data, This project is based on AVR Atmega8 Microcontroller.
1. You can enter password through Keypad or IR Remote
2. Low Cost
3. Simple to design
4. Operates Two relays One for Buzzer and Another for Operating MotorPassword based door locking system
Step 1: Major Components Required

1. Atmega 8 Microcontroller
2. Relays, Switches
3. 4×3 Keypad Matrix
4. LM7805
5. BC548
6. 16×2 LCD Display
7. Buy Components from our Store
Step 2: Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Download Requires Files
1. Download Proteus Simulation Circuit Diagram (you can try proteus simulation of this project)
2. Download pdf PCB LayoutLayout Password based door locking system

3. Assemble components using above files.
Step 3: Programming the controller
Download Complete Project Zip File

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