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Wave Corrector – Process Vinyl Records and Cassette Tapes on your PC

Coleshill, UK (PRWEB) April 14, 2004

Ganymede Test & Measurement announces a major new release of Wave Corrector. This popular audio program integrates recording, noise removal and editing into a single unified package. The program creates music files for archiving to a PC music library or for transfer to mini-disc or CD. The program runs on the Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP platforms.

Wave Corrector is very user friendly with many of its features fully automated. Damaged recordings are repaired using an advanced technique that removes noise while preserving the fidelity of the original sound. Says Derek Higgins, Wave Corrector’s author, “Digital noise reduction often leaves behind objectionable remnants of the noise that is removed. The challenge for Wave Corrector was to avoid these ‘processing artifacts’. This has been achieved with a novel algorithm that fine-tunes the harmonic content of corrections according to psycho-acoustic principles.”

The program also provides for detailed manual editing of individual vinyl clicks and imperfections. This allows meticulous restorations of valuable recordings to be achieved.

The new release incorporates an assortment of new music library functions. File tagging is now implemented and files can be saved in compressed audio formats. Optionally, lossless compression can be used for bit-perfect efficient storage of audio data.

The program is competitively priced at US$ 45 for a single user license. This includes unlimited updates and free lifetime support.

Further Information:

Visit the Wave Corrector website – – for a full description of the program and to download a trial version. A screenshot is available at

About the Company:

Based in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Coleshill near London, Ganymede Test & Measurement provides consultancy services as well as producing software for PC systems and for micro-controller based OEM equipment. The company started trading in 1994.

Evaluation licences are available on request.

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