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We enlarged our offer of Weller WX soldering stations

Weller WX series enjoys your favour, that´s why we added another types to our standard offer.

We´re pleased, that you appreciate excellent features of inteligent soldering stations, which we introduced to you for example in the article Weller WX soldering stations are a masterpiece. That´s why already several types of the WXseries can be found in our stock. Any other versions and soldering tools we´re able to provide you in a short delivery term.

WX soldering stations

Advantages/ Features:

  1. 2 independent 120W tools or 1x200W tool can be used
  2. intelligent power-save mode
  3. antistatic ESD safe design / connector for potentials equalization
  4. robust capacitive touch display / intuitive control and multi-lingual menu
  5. antistatic-coated real glass display
  6. no calibration needed
  7. automatic tool detection
  8. WX port / possibility to control more accessory devices
  9. USB port for firmware updates, configuration and monitoring

WX series meets all requirements for demanding and precise everyday work. High power, user comfort and a wide range of soldering tools and tips will be probably beneficial even for your workplace. In case of interest, please contact us at [email protected].


For more detail: We enlarged our offer of Weller WX soldering stations

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