10-cent TTL Logic at ACP Surplus Grand Opening Online

Santa Ana, California (PRWEB) March 11, 2007

ACP Surplus today announced that it will make available 74LS TTL Logic Chips at only 10 cents each during the Grand Opening Celebration of its new online website. No minimum quantity restrictions. Integrated Circuits that normally sell for up 15 times that price are available. Applies to all 74LS with 10-cent sale price, which is over 50 different part numbers while supply lasts.

ACP (Advanced Computer Products, Inc.) is legendary for their distribution of electronic components since 1976. Now ACP Surplus will make available to IC collectors, vintage circuits and hard-to-find chips some only available at ACP. There is a growing new culture of “Techno-Collectors” that are collecting old IC’s, CPU’s, Transistors and other components. ACP Surplus will stock and support this growing community of collectors. ACP Surplus is one of the first companies to recognize and support the vintage chip enthusiasts.

“Collecting has always been part of my business background as I too love and am fascinated by the old technology,” said David Freeman, ACP’s founder and President. “For over 25 years I collected vintage PC’s and Mac’s and started The Freeman PC Museum (http://www.thepcmuseum.net) and at the same time I collected IC’s. I am now making these vintage IC’s available to other collectors. Vintage IC collecting is a recent phenomenon that started first in Europe and now more and more techies are getting involved in the USA. Problem is most of the high-demand chips are in short supply and there will be no more produced so availability is getting difficult on some chips.”

Electronic hobbyists can stock up on their 74LS logic requirements during the next 30 days at acpsurplus.com. The 10-cent offer will continue for 30 days or until our inventory is exhausted.

Visit ACP Surplus online at http://www.acpsurplus.com for their grand opening special on 74LS and browse their selection of vintage IC’s and Semiconductors. Also Dave maintains a blog on vintage IC’s at http://vintageelectronics.blogspot.com.

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dfreeman @ acpsupersore.com

(714) 558-8822

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