6WIND Joins Network Intelligence Alliance To Drive Innovation And Leadership For Next-Generation Network Solutions

Paris, France (PRWEB) August 29, 2011

6WIND today announced that it has become a member of the Network Intelligence Alliance (NI Alliance), an industry organization created for collaboration among the Network Economys technology providers. Participation in the NI Alliance will help 6WIND to build and market innovative solutions for customers seeking to improve the performance of packet inspection, analysis and processing within mobile infrastructure and cloud networking equipment.


In todays Network Economy, a world that now depends and runs on networks, accurate visibility and precise tracking of data crossing networks have become crucial to the availability, performance and security of applications and services. The growing complexity of IP transactions, the explosion of mobile applications, and the mainstream adoption of cloud computing surpass the capabilities of conventional tools to improve how networks operate, expand services and police illicit or criminal activity. Just like Business Intelligence solutions emerged to unlock information hidden in the enterprise, Network Intelligence technology is an emerging category of technology to reveal the critical details of the data locked inside network traffic and transactions.


The NI Alliance serves two purposes: first, as a forum for collaboration among technology providers whose solutions secure data in transit, ensure efficient data delivery, monetize data transactions or track real-time information. Through the NI Alliance, members can better serve their customers.


The NI Alliance also seeks to educate the market and the public on the role and value of Network Intelligence in protecting sensitive information; delivering value-added services, applications and information; and ensuring better performance of network-dependent solutions.


Applications such as intrusion detection, mobile video compression, application-aware networking equipment, 4G policy and charging enforcement and high-frequency trading require high-performance packet processing to perform packet identification, classification, steering and termination. These functions are accelerated by the high-performance 6WINDGate packet processing software, which maximizes the performance of multi-core networking platforms. At the same time, by maintaining full compatibility with standard Operating System APIs, 6WINDGate enables customers to quickly develop or migrate their applications, thereby accelerating their time-to-market for high-performance, differentiated products.


Were delighted to join the NI Alliance, said Eric Carm

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