911EDA, Inc. Completes its 1000th Design

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2010

911EDA, Inc. has served the electronics industry for the past fifteen years and recently completed its one-thousandth printed circuit board design since its inception in 1995. Examples of these designs are available at http://www.911eda.com.

911EDA, Inc. opened in 1995 providing printed circuit board layout services and CAD software sales. Over the next ten years, the company built its PCB layout team to be able to support companies using CAD tools including Altium Designer, Allegro, PADs, and Mentor Expedition. This allowed 911EDA to support virtually any company requiring PCB layout services.

After finding success with PCB layout services, 911EDA expanded its services to offer front-end electronic engineering services including design auditing, schematic creation, power supplies, FPGA design, firmware, and software support. 911EDA was now able to offer a full electronic product development solution from concept through production.

911EDA then identified fundamental problems with Altium Designer training courses available and designed its own course and training manual. The course focused on how to use Altium Designer to actually design a circuit board from start to finish, rather than keying in on features of the tool. Classes are held every six weeks in Oceanside, CA, at customer facilities, or through a live online meeting.

Regarding reaching the 1000th design, Dennis OConnor, President and CEO of 911EDA, Inc., stated, I am so proud of the great lengths my team has gone through to make this company successful. The completion of our one-thousandth design is monumental and does not occur often in companies within our industry. Our new website at http://www.911eda.com describes all of the services we offer in detail.

Contact Info:

Ryan OConnor

Vice President and General Manager

911EDA, Inc.

Phone: (760) 729-9340


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