A Remotely Programable Relay Controller

What was that?  A Whats-a-Maja-Thimagig?
Yep – One of those!  This Instructable extends my Arduino Ethernet controller to control a set of up to 6 relays, but that’s not the neat bit.  The neat bit is that there is a web based state machine in the AtMega chip so that the relays will operate in whatever sequence with whatever timing you want – all by themselves.
A Remotely Programable Relay Controller
This allows you to have a set of relays connected to the end of a piece of Ethernet cable that can be accessed from a web browser anywhere from your house.
I needed a system to sequence a set of relays to control some Christmas lights around my house this Christmas, as well as to turn on and off a water fountain, so I thought that a simple controller for it would be an AtMega328 chip.  Then I thought about how cool it would be to allow these things to be controlled from a web interface.  A little bit of tinkering later, and this project was born.  I really only needed 4 relays, but as I was doing the layout, I decided that here was enough space for 6!
This project is an autonomous controller, operating a set of 6 relays according to a pre-programmed pattern, over and over again.  If you are impatient, jump to the section on programing the board to see how it is programmed.
For more detail: A Remotely Programable Relay Controller

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