Accurate labeling of round parts guaranteed

(PRWEB) September 3, 2004

360 degree wrapping applications you can find in various industrial, electronic, or medical devices. The most common application is a label, but functional die-cuts are also often wrapped around both cylindrical and non-cylindrical parts. Example applications are labeling a battery or battery pack, applying a seal on a special fastener, or labeling a drug delivery device. In any case, accuracy can be important for aesthetic or functional reasons. Accurate alignment of the adhesive component to the axis of the target part is very critical to insure the ends meet once the wrapping occurs.

AccuPlace has realized various semi-automatic solutions that allow precise fixture of even round target parts, and then rotate the part while the adhesive is applied. The loading and unloading of the nest is done manually. The peeling and placing of the adhesive component is done in proven and patented AccuPlace pick and peel technology, which ensures placing of even odd shaped, fragile or sensitive materials up to ± 0.001“.Fully automatic solutions can be provided also.

AccuPlace, the leading equipment manufacturer for placing self-adhesive components, offers since 1997 a superior range of off-the-shelf-products that allow semi or fully automatic assembly of all different type of film adhesives – such as seals, gaskets, vents, name plates, labels, flex circuits, etc.. Various features and options ensure an optimum adaptation of the equipment to the customer’s requirements. High standardization and re-usability of the equipment guarantee ROI.

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