Advanced Next Generation Motorcycle Performance Gauge

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) April 25, 2005

The VR2 motorcycle performance gauge uses advanced data-logging, sensor, and display technologies to provide performance tuning, analysis and display functions valuable to any bike and rider. Released as a successor to Nonlinear Engineering’s award winning Veypor motorcycle gauge, the VR2 provides hours of data-logging at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.

The VR2 has dozens of features not available anywhere else. It is the first device of it’s kind to perform drag coefficient calculations; it has many lap-timing functions, drag strip tools, and can even log an entire weekend of riding. The VR2 records speed, distance, time, RPM, acceleration, lap times and horsepower at up to 50 samples per second for hours at a time. It features a super bright two-stage shift light, a built-in dynamometer for accurate horsepower and torque measurements, a real-time clock and calendar and supports the optional Heads Up Display for feeding critical information directly into any helmet.

The VR2’s accuracy comes from a dual motion sensor architecture using both a 3-axis accelerometer and a wheel rotation sensor. The VR2 quickly analyzes the affects of engine modifications and tuning on the power band and ¼ mile times. Information is displayed on a high-resolution graphical LCD and features different graphical layouts and display modes.

For a wide range of compatibility and for easy installation the VR2 uses its own proven sensors, its RPM detection circuits sense any type of RPM signal from any type of engine. It works as a data-logging, tuning and display add-on or even complete instrumentation replacement for cruisers, sport bikes, ATVs, moto-X, cars and go-karts.

The VR2 Performance computer is available directly from Nonlinear Engineering and dealers around the world. See for details.

About Nonlinear Engineering Inc.

Nonlinear Engineering Inc. was established in 2002 to provide performance measurement electronics for motorcycle enthusiasts. NLE works closely with its customers to continually provide products with the best features, quality and value.


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