AERIAL7: The Inspiration Behind the ARCADE Childrens Headphone Line

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Music inspires people, motivates people and has the ability to change lives. With the ARCADE headphone, kids can safely experience all that music has to offer them. AERIAL7 believes that there is a place for music in everyones life including children. We all need to put on a pair of headphones and tune into a good song every once in a while. A regular pair of headphones can be harmful to a childs ears. AERIAL7s design team set out to solve this issue and provide kids with a safe pair of headphones.


Childrens ear canals are smaller which amplifies sounds more so than an adults ear. This can cause the destruction of tiny nerve cells in the inner ear canal leading to permanent hearing loss. According to the OSHA, kids can safely listen to music at a volume of up to 85db. A normal pair of headphones can reach volume outputs exceeding 85db, which is not dangerous for adult ears but is not safe for a child. With the increasing number of young kids with iPods and cell phones, AERIAL7 saw a need for a childrens specific headphone that allowed for safe listening. AERIAL7 has developed a headphone specifically engineered for childrens use.


The ARCADE is the first headphone to feature AERIAL7 Automatic Volume Reduction technology (AVR). With this technology, the maximum volume or sound pressure is limited to the OSHA standard for childrens ears of 85db. If the volume is accidentally turned up too loud, these headphones automatically turn it down to a safe listening level. The AVR does not cause any distortion and the on the ear design of the ARCADE helps block outside noise in order to enhance kids listening experience.


The ARCADE was made with childrens needs in mind, including the fresh designs and durable material. The ultra plush ear pads and adjustable headband allow for comfortable listening all day long. Parents can rest assured that the stylish headphones their kids are begging for are safe for their childrens delicate ears.



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