Anchor Audio Unveils New ClassACT in Portable Public Address Systems at NAB2007

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) April 3, 2007

Anchor Audio, the leader in portable public address systems, to unveil their ClassACT, next-generation, limited-range receiver version of the AN-130 portable PA system at NAB2007, the world’s largest electronic media show, in Las Vegas from April 14-19. The portable speaker monitor will be featured at Anchor Audio’s booth, N6313.


Until now, in order to command the audience with clear, intelligible sound educators, corporate presenters, and instructors of small groups in classroom or conference room settings had to choose between portable public address systems using inadequate infrared signals or stronger RF signals that bled into surrounding rooms, causing unwanted interference. The next generation portable sound system is designed to give presenters ample sound support on devices such as video projectors, PCs, and CD/DVD players without the interrupted signal problems of “line of sight” infrared systems or interference challenges of RF systems operating too close together.


Because the portable system is specifically designed to receive a signal from a range of about 40-feet, any number of the units can be used in adjacent rooms, classrooms, or conference rooms without the interference of typical portable public address systems, which are susceptible to receiving unwanted signals from outside their intended reception zones. Unlike direct “line of sight” infrared signals which are blocked by intervening objects, the unit’s concisely zoned RF signal, combined with 16-channel UHF diversity wireless capability, ensures a clear, continuous signal no matter where the presenter moves or turns in the designated room or area.


Even though the portable PA system weighs just 7.5 lbs., it delivers up to 101 dB of clear sound with 30 watts of continuous power to groups of 100 plus. Because it’s ROHS-compliant and lead-free with all circuit boards manufactured by the surface mount SMT process, it’s more compact, reliable, and environmentally-friendly than non ROHS-compliant portable public address systems.


Since the system has a tone-level output, an unlimited number of the portable systems can be daisy chained together for better sound distribution and coverage in larger environments. Its magnetically shielded speaker allows it to be placed next to magnetic devices such as a television without distorting the TV’s display.


With all inputs built into the unit, set up is clean, quick and easy without a bunch of wires to plug in. Its inputs for RCA line input, 1/4″ line input, and microphone input enable it to amplify sound for virtually any device with sound output.


With the wireless microphone option, educators, corporate presenters and others are free to move around the room with the full use of both hands for whiteboard writing, pointer display, gesturing, and other forms of enhanced communication. An optional package

includes a built-in wireless receiver and remote control, body pack and choice of a lapel microphone, headband microphone, collar microphone, or ultralite microphone.


Made in the USA, The ClassACT portable sound system by Anchor Audio has a 6-year warranty, the industry’s longest. Anchor Audio is the leading manufacturer of easy-to-use, high quality, portable public address systems. Anchor has specialized in portable audio for almost 30 years and has developed a range of sound systems to meet virtually any venue need.


Anchor Audio, Inc.

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