AquaStruct Creates Shower Spray Kit for Kids

Montclair, VA (PRWEB) April 13, 2007

AquaStruct, Inc. is opening a new market for shower and bath time fun for kids and ‘tweens with its revolutionary AquaStruct construction spray kits that turn shower time into fun surf time.

While the market is awash in bath toys for toddlers, older kids and ‘tween had no shower toys to ignite their interest, intellect and sense of fun, until AquaStruct revolutionized the shower experience with its innovative shower adventure construction systems for kids from 7 to 107.

James Phipps, AquaStruct CEO and creator, said, “AquaStruct spray systems meet a distinct need, ‘Fun at Shower Time.’ We saw an opportunity to expand the bath-time toy market and bring an innovative product to an ignored market segment, kids and ‘tweens, creating a new bath market niche. Kids are inundated with electronic toys, but wholesome building kits ignite their imaginations.”

Expertly engineered, the affordably-priced AquaStruct expandable systems of snap-together flexible connectors and plastic pipe pieces, nozzles, squirting devices, misters, sprayers and other attachments enable kids to create complex wall water system designs for surf-like fun each time they shower or bathe, creating endless combinations of water flow. AquaStruct includes not only a “mind-blowing” water-works for the shower wall, but a surf-themed spraying tub mat and spraying shower curtain.

From simple kits for younger kids to sophisticated construction spray systems for ‘tweens, AquaStruct helps them create a shower time wall of water, while meeting the U.S. Standards for low-flow shower devices and the nation’s Kid Standards for high-flow shower fun.

AquaStruct spray systems retail for about $ 37 for the Basic system up to $ 67 for the Plus system and $ 99 for the Deluxe kit.

Phipps, who is planning product line extensions and a licensing program to make AquaStruct a part of family life in every household, recently unveiled the new AquaStruct line to the retail trade at New York City’s annual Toy Fair.

AquaStruct will soon be available for pre-order at AquaStruct’s new kid-friendly website has a hip, surfer-snowboarder-like appeal that kids and ‘tweens enjoy as they surf the site for great water fun ideas.

AquaStruct’s national introduction of the world’s most creative and fun line of shower and bath products is set for Fall as several waves of AquaStruct construction spray systems hit store-shores from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Phipps, a former international business attorney and parent of five, created a product line not only to teach and entertain, but help moms and dads with a common parenting dilemma – how to get their “stinky pre-teens” away into the shower. “With AquaStruct, moms will never have to argue with their stinky pre-teens again about their need to take a shower. They’ll now go voluntarily.”

The “totally tubular” surf feel of an AquaStruct shower spray and the educational benefits of constructing the system on shower walls, lead to understanding engineering design circuit logic, piping systems and encourage problem solving while helping to enhance kids’ self esteem.

An easy-to-attach adaptor links the shower nozzle to divert water in an environmentally friendly way, using less water to spray than a normal shower uses. AquaStruct is easy on the household-budget and friendly to the environment, with its low-flow water saving diverter valve (only 2.5 gallons per minute). For less than $ 100, children can have year round access to some of their favorite water park activities.

“No other company offers anything remotely like this product,” said Phipps. “Based on what we have seen so far, this product has the ability to be one of the Holidays’ hottest toys in 2007.”

Setting up the AquaStruct system does not require installation or hardware as the system securely attaches the mildew-resistant piping to bath or shower with sturdy suction cups. The AquaStruct bath mat and shower curtains add to the tsunami of fun spray that is contained to avoid bathroom mess and enhance the bathing experience.

Phipps says, “The AquaStruct shower spray kits allow kids to surf their inner wave.” The AquaStruct toy system (patent pending) meets the U.S. federal standard for low-flow shower devices, using less than 2-1/2 gallons of water per minute. It also requires water is off for rearranging piping and when soaping, so the process of total water spray experience actually uses less water than a routine everyday shower.

Aquastruct Inc., headquartered in Northern Virginia, Virginia, offers an array of fun shower spray systems, including the AquaStruct Shower Adventure Construction Set, AquaStruct XL Extreme Shower Adventure Construction Set, AquaStruct XXL Ultimate Extreme Shower Adventure Construction Set, AquaStruct TubeWave OceanSpray Shower Curtain and AquaStruct WaveRider OceanSpray Surfboard Tub Mat. For more information, visit

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