Arduino Waveform Generator

If you follow our PyroElectro articles, then you likely read about our construction and review of Club Jameco’s 8x8x8 LED Cube kit. Well we’re at it again, taking a look through a different kit, the Arduino Waveform Generator Shield. This shield provides an all-in-one DIY style function generator for low frequencies and the best part is you get to build it yourself!
Arduino Waveform Generator
In this article we will go through the process of building this Arduino Waveform Generator Shield whilst simultaneously reviewing the bugs and features found during the construction and usage. This article will focus mainly on the hardware side of things since the firmware was pre-written for the Arduino.
Purpose & Overview of this review
The core goal of this review is to successfully build the Arduino Waveform Generator Kit while also making notes of useful features and curious pit-falls that are found.
In addition, a final summation will be given in the conclusion section that will list out the overall pros and cons of this Club Jameco kit when compared to other function generators and DIY kits.

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