Award-winning SuccessMaker Digital Program for Grades K-8 Now Available Online

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 27, 2011

Today at the International Society for Technology in Educations (ISTE) annual conference in Philadelphia, the education services and technology company Pearson announced that its digital K-8 program for mathematics and reading, SuccessMaker, will be available online. Ready for the 2011-2012 school year, school districts nationwide will implement SuccessMaker on the internet with Pearson hosting the digital content and student data, and delivering the information online to schools.


SuccessMakers online deployment is a cost-effective, new option for delivering personalized digital instruction given todays growing hardware and school staffing constraints. Online delivery of SuccessMaker also can help teachers and schools extend the learning day beyond classroom walls.


For schools, the Pearson-hosted web deployment option increases flexibility by: enabling the scaling and modification of class implementations more easily, simplifying setup processes; and providing a Pearson-managed backup and disaster recovery system. And, costs can be reduced since no additional software or hardware is required for purchase or installation.


With belt-tightening pervasive across the country, we believe the online delivery option for SuccessMaker can help keep costs down for school districts and still offer students the latest in a proven education technology that focuses on the needs of the individual learner, said Chris Dragon, newly named president of Pearson Digital Learning. Our award-winning SuccessMaker program personalizes instruction, matches the latest in educational standards including the Common Core State Standards – and now improves the overall digital learning experience for our teachers and students by offering more flexibility for anytime, always learning.


Additionally, the latest version of SuccessMaker will boost educators ability to make data-driven decisions and ease system management for teachers and schools.


SuccessMaker advances student learning with a new Spanish language glossary to improve support for English Language Learners, additional spelling and grammar lessons, added reading passages that deliver expanded science and social studies content, and content aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


Leigh Byron, Head of School at Village Charter School in New Jersey, said, I am continually impressed with the power of SuccessMaker. It has greatly improved students academic performance. It has become a part of our culture, and its reporting features have changed the way we analyze data and differentiate instruction.


Designed to accommodate a full array of different learning styles including those students served by special education, or who are gifted, at-risk or English language learners, SuccessMaker is a great match for many common education funds including Title I, EETT, IDEA, 21st Century Learning, Title III, Head Start and school improvement funds.


About SuccessMaker

SuccessMaker identifies and addresses individual learning needs quickly and efficiently through embedded assessments that determine each students unique starting place and continuously analyze each students actual performance. The program utilizes this data to automatically create a personalized path through the curriculum based on a learners strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing specific areas of struggle, difficulty, advancement, or mastery.


Nearly three million kindergarteners through eighth-graders have logged in to SuccessMaker globally to date. For more information about SuccessMaker and the Common Core, go to or


About Pearson

Pearson has as its mission to work side-by-side with states, districts, teachers, students and parents to ensure that every child is prepared for college and career (NYSE: PSO).



Stacy Skelly; Stacy(dot)skelly(at)pearson(dot)com; 800-745-8489


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