Axial Technologies fulfills CEIS Rochester’s mission to take lab software to practical software.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) August 01, 2011

In late 2001 Paul Simpson VP of Business Development of Axial Technologies saw a need to redefine the companys direction from website and database design to something more important and fulfilling. With his background in engineering in the United States Navy and the recent events on 9/11, the objective seemed clear. To provide intelligent and intuitive homeland security technology solutions to those in need and abroad as history unfolded before the eyes of onlookers from around the world. This however, would be no easy task as video analytic software was still evolving, difficult to use and remained by and large untested for the purpose Mr. Simpson intended. The solution in mind was complicated and involved. Use video analysis software pieces to develop a system that would not be susceptible to false alarms, effective outdoors and identify those alarms in real time. Thus, yielding a powerful tool for the military and vulnerable critical infrastructure locations.


So then, where to start? Mr. Simpson sought out direction from the University of Rochester in New York and its Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS) Center for Electronic Imaging Systems (CEIS) Headed by Director Mark Bocko, CEIS saw promise in Pauls idea and an opportunity for the University of Rochester to assist a small company in its objective to solve a difficult technical problem. CEIS is always on the lookout for new technologies that can spur economic development said Dr. Bocko. The University lab has a very close knit technology community. Finding the right person to assist in difficult projects is no more than two calls away. Those two calls ended up being answered by university computer scientists Randal Nelson and Chris Brown whom specialize in artificial intelligence.


By entering into a license agreement with the University to adapt core change detection software in the field of homeland security and security systems meant Axial Technologies would test, evaluate, and improve on the existing video analysis software. Axial Technologies needed help closing the gap between proof of principal to marketable software, said Dr. Bocko. It was an ongoing project with Paul that the University was more than willing to provide expertise in. The end result were products that could be used for military and commercial security systems, mentioned Paul Simpson. We knew we could be successful in our test and evaluation by combining our core competencies.


From 2004 to 2008 Axial Technologies and CEIS worked tirelessly to create the now dubbed AVT234

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