Biwin Announces e-MMC SSD-on-a-Chip for Embedded Computing Applications

San Jose, Calif. (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Embedded computing OEMs are seeking ways to shorten their design cycles and save precious space inside their systems. Biwin, an industry leader in flash storage products, today announced an e-MMC SSD in a 169-ball BGA chip that addresses both those demands, enabling customers to design in a complete storage solution on a single chip with an industry standard interface.

Biwins new e-MMC SSDs are offered in capacities from 2GB to 64GB. They integrate both flash and a full SSD controller into a single chip, featuring advanced SSD features such as ECC, wear leveling and bad block management. They also include two key new features for embedded memory applications: power-on boot and explicit sleep mode, which translate to significant benefits for the end-user. Power-on boot defines a way for the boot-code to be accessed by the host controller without an upper-level software driver, speeding the time it takes for a controller to access the boot code. Explicit sleep mode enables the host controller to directly instruct e-MMC to enter power-saving sleep mode – an enhancement that has an immediate positive impact on power efficiency. These JEDEC compatible, e-MMC v4.4 compliant SSDs are ideal for use in a plethora of mobile gadgets requiring a ready-made storage solution.

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These e-MMC SSDs leverage Biwins core strengths in chip packaging and SSD design, and are produced in Biwins own factory. SSD-on-a-chip technology will help embedded customers shorten their design cycles and get to market faster with new products, while offering a reliable long-range storage solution.

Joe James, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Biwin America
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Founded in 1995, Biwin is a global leader in flash storage products for enterprise, embedded and client computing. The company has shipped over 100 million flash products to date. Learn more about Biwin at

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