CoAction Hero: 32-bit Open-Source ARM Cortex-M3 Board

CoAction Hero: a powerful proto-board with a 120Mhz processor, 1MB filesystem, and built-in OS for tinkerers and engineers alike.

CoAction Hero:  Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use, Open Source

CoAction Hero is an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller board with a built-in operating system (CoActionOS) delivering unprecedented power and ease-of-use to your electronics projects. It includes many of the features you find on Raspberry Pi but with the ease-of-use associated with Arduino.
CoAction Hero
Seamless OS Experience
Don’t let the OS scare you! The OS is pre-installed allowing you to create and install your applications without ever having to configure, modify, or install the OS. If you’ve never used an OS on a project like this, don’t worry. Creating applications is much like writing simple C/C++ programs on a normal computer. Even with minimal knowledge of programming, you will be creating amazing projects in no time.
In addition to the information here, you can find the software documentation, source codedownloadbug reporting, and tutorials on the CoActionOS website.
Kickstarter Objective
The funds raised from this Kickstarter project will allow us to build the first production run of the CoAction Hero.

CoActionOS Ecosystem

CoActionOS is a complete hardware/firmware/software toolkit designed to deliver a powerful, easy-to-use development platform for both Windows and Mac OSX (iOS and Android coming soon).  The hardware includes the CoAction Hero microcontroller board as well as stackable bluetooth and LCD device boards.  The firmware is an embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) with easy-to-use hardware abstraction libraries.  The software includes CoActionOS Link as well as an SDK with sample applications to enable you to easily create your own desktop applications that communicate with your embedded project over a fast virtual serial port USB connection.
For more detail: CoAction Hero: 32-bit Open-Source ARM Cortex-M3 Board

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