DigiX – The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi!

The Digistump/Digispark team is back, bringing the experience gained producing over 40,000 and shipping over 25,000 Digisparks in less than two months! 
Announcing the DigiX – the ultimate sequel project to the Digispark. The DigiX has a 32-bit 84 MHz MCU, embedded low power Wi-Fi (b/g/n) and mesh networking, 99 usable i/o pins, audio output, USB on the go support, and is 100% compatible with anything that works with the Arduino Due – no adapters, code changes, or special software needed! This is the ultimate Arduino compatible development board, ready for any project!
The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi

Stretch Goals!

$75,000 – On-board EEPROM
One thing many miss on the Arduino Due is onboard EEPROM – which the classic Arduino’s had on-chip. We’d like to add an EEPROM chip directly to the DigiX board and if we hit 75k we can!
$100,000 – On-board MicroSD Card Slot
A microSD slot means you could play sound and music files by just sticking a micro sd card in and plugging in some speakers. It would also allow you to log data to the card, load webpages off the card if you are using the DigiX as a server, load images for a touchscreen device, save images from a camera, etc.

The DigiX – Unique Features

32-bit 84 MHz
Serious power for serious projects!
99 i/o
For maximum compatibility the DigiX is in the Arduino Due form factor – but we added a whole other row of I/O pins to bring it up to a total of 99 usable i/o (including communications pins)!
Low Power b/g/n WiFi
Easy to use, low power, embedded WiFi – see the next section “Better WiFi” for all the details.
For more detail: DigiX – The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi!

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