DIY Nikon DSLR IR Remote with MSP430

Three years back in time, I bought Nikon D3000 DSLR. I started shooting, but the moment I needed remote, came one day (more over night), during on night photography session. I checked all local suppliers, but the prices were high. I ordered one from China. The problem with orders from China is that they take time. I started waiting and one day I made my IR remote, using the MSP430.

Nikon DSLR IR remote using an MSP430

It doesn’t use the Launchpad hardware, I use it only for programming the MSP430G2231. This is the schematic of the remote:
This is a photo of the prototype
One tip use good quality buttons, I had to debug this low cost button for more than 1/2 hour. The battery I used is 3V, not 4.5 V, like in the schematic. You can remove the RESET button, I placed it for other purposes.
For more detail: DIY Nikon DSLR IR Remote with MSP430

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