Don Ramer to Serve as Learning Track Leader at the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) September 25, 2007

Arbita, the leading provider of global job advertising distribution solutions, is pleased to announce that Don Ramer, CEO and Founder, will be serving as a Learning Track Leader at the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow on September 25, 2007 at the Bill Moore Student Success Center on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology. Don will be speaking on the negative effects of “antisocial networking” and impersonal recruitment practices that limit candidate referrals, prolong fill times, and increase the cost-per-hire.


Throughout his lecture, Don will identify the different aspects of antisocial networking, such as slow responses to candidate needs, unclear communication, recruiter passivity, and the emphasis on recruitment technology at the expense of genuine recruiter-and candidate- connectivity. Don will illustrate an essential link between process and acquisition, encouraging the adaptation of recruitment methods to meet the individual needs of the jobseeker. He will outline the necessary steps toward improved workplace conditions and refined networking practices.


“Don Ramer is the recruiting industrys role model for integrity and accountability,” says John Sumser, the Roadshows organizer and keynote speaker. “When he speaks about effectiveness in recruiting, it comes from over 25 years in various aspects of the business. His company, Arbita, is modeling and defining the future of the industry. I am really looking forward to Dons talk at the Roadshow. One of our goals at the Roadshow is to introduce the next generation of recruiting leadership to each other. I know that this is a pet project of Dons. Were glad to have his support and participation.”


“Its important that we understand the human needs of our candidates,” says Don Ramer. “Candidate retention and acquisition is highly dependent on genuine communication between jobseeker and recruiter. The process and methods of recruitment must not interfere with direct human interaction, and the way in which networking operates greatly influences the success or failure of an organization. Im pleased to lead a discussion that will focus on a solutions-centric approach toward the establishment of truly inspired workplaces,” he concluded.


About Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow


Developed and organized by John Sumser, one of the leading publishers and speakers on the recruitment industry, the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow is an event that targets local recruiting practitioners who may not have access to the industrys network infrastructure or large national conferences. The Recruiting Roadshow emphasizes the inherent differences in the labor market and the necessity of adjusting recruitment procedures to fit the needs of smaller local settings. The event promotes the concept of adapting recruitment methods to meet differing levels of demand.


About John Sumser


Within the realm of online recruiting, John Sumser takes the lead as an established and experienced analyst. For over 12 years, Sumser has been submitting highly influential articles to the Electronic Recruiting News that have shaped the course and outlook of the industry. He is also the founder and president of, the preeminent source of analysis for online recruitment. In April of 2007, Sumser was appointed as the Executive Editor for, replacing founder/editor Jason Davis. Throughout his career, he has applied his invaluable expertise to five distinct categories of the industry: workforce demographics, job hunter user experience, recruiting as a conversation, recruiting trends, and recruiting industry strategy. Sumser has authored the Recruiters Internet Survival Guide and the Electronic Recruiting Indices. He lectures regularly on the industry speaking



About Arbita


Our mission is to deliver the business and systems environments required for the free and efficient flow of opportunity and talent beyond borders. Arbita manages over 100,000 job postings per day for its corporate clients and supports an ecosystem of media participants that include destinations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.


Since 1993 Arbita has pioneered internet job advertising distribution while providing strategic guidance to its clients on web recruitment media selection. Based in Minneapolis, USA and located at, Arbita provides world class internet recruiting solutions to hundreds of customers including General Dynamics, eBay, Pfizer, and Cox Communications. Arbitas OnePost system is used in the U.S. by many government contractors to meet OFCCP and EEOC posting and reporting requirements. Arbitas corporate affiliations include the HR-XML Consortium, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, and the International Association of Employment Web sites or IAEWS.


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