Downtown Orlando Goes Digital

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 4, 2004

Orlando’s new Downtown Media Arts Center, or DMAC as it has become more popularly known, presented its first digital movie on Friday, March 26th. The documentary film, The Five Obstructions by Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier, was screened on the theater’s new Sanyo digital projection system – supplied and installed by Troxell Communications.


Managed by the University of Central Florida and funded in part by the City of Orlando, the newly restored 80-seat theater, located in the 118-year old Rogers Building, will be downtown Orlando’s first full-time movie theater in many years. DMAC’s mission is to be the focal point of Central Florida’s artistic community by offering “a supportive environment where artists and artists-in-training can feel inspired and encouraged to create and exhibit their work”. According to DMAC management, they also intend to “foster and support the appreciation and production of independent video and film as forms of expression and education”.


DMAC’s decision to go digital was partially influenced by the building’s architecture. In the 1950s, the theater’s interior columns were torn out and replaced with a ceiling truss system. The trusses are dipping now and would interfere with traditional film projection. A digital application can be placed in any accessible spot. Standard film projectors also emit a lot of heat, another factor that makes digital projection more desirable.


Troxell has been the audiovisual solution provider for a number of historical building renovations, including the Historic Yuma Theatre in Yuma, Arizona. Because of their skill and expertise, DMAC asked Troxell to recommend a reliable, cost-effective digital application well suited for their needs. The results? A comprehensive digital projection system:


Sanyo PLC XF35NL Digital Projector with Faroudja line doubler card

AMX NetLinx control systems with color touch panel

Draper Eclipse 16:9/4:3 screen masking system

Denon AVR 1084 amp/video switcher

Dolby 6.1 processor

The Sanyo projection system is controlled by a small, portable AMX touchscreen which eliminates the need to install a huge heat-releasing ventilation system. The touchscreen also provides integrated system remote control. The Draper Eclipse screen masking system, also controlled by the AMX touchscreen, allows for viewing in standard or wide-screen format, giving the theater more flexibility.


Future plans for DMAC include editing facilities, camera equipment rental, filmmaking classes and workshops, high school outreach programs, and residency programs for filmmakers. In addition to showing independent films, DMAC also houses an art gallery and coffee shop. More than 17,000 patrons are expected to visit DMAC annually.


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