DRTV Agency Atomic Direct Completes Consulting Projects for Consumer Electronics Products

Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 19, 2008

DRTV agency Atomic Direct has wrapped up consulting projects for two consumer electronics products – the PLEO robotic baby dinosaur (PLEO=Personal Life Enhancing Organism) and Presto, an electronic device that allows you to receive emails and photos without a computer or internet connection.


Atomic conducted message strategy development for both manufacturers which uncovered key opportunity to improve message clarity throughout a wide range of marketing vehicles including print advertising, web, and direct response television. Both projects relied on primary consumer research to develop the foundation for the messages.


“We have had a strong track record in the consumer electronics industry,” explained Atomic President Doug Garnett. “And one exceptionally unique skill we’ve built is discovering innovative message strategies needed to bring consumers to adopt consumer electronics products.”


PLEO is available at Target, Circuit City, Amazon, Wal-Mart or direct from the manufacturer by visiting http://www.pleoworld.com. The robot retails for $ 349. The robot has already generated worldwide media coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Fast Company and others.


Presto from Presto Services Inc. is available at Fry’s, J&R, Amazon.com, Wal-Mart.com, Best Buy.com and others and retails for $ 149.99. Visit http://www.presto.com for more information.


Atomic Direct specializes in brands, consumer strategy, infomercials, and driving sales with television. In addition to Atomic’s message work, we have developed DRTV campaigns for brands like AT&T, AAA, DuPont and Rubbermaid as well as for emerging brands like the Drill Doctor, White’s Electronics, and Kreg Tool. For more information, visit http://www.atomicdirect.com.



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