DSS Networks, The Gigabit Experts, Announces an Innovative Evolution of Its Model 6468 – A 4-Port Gige Server Adapter With an Onboard Switch Providing Bypass

Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) May 2, 2007

DSS Networks announces an innovative evolution of one of their PCI Express based board level products – originally offered as an extreme performance 8-port Gigabit Ethernet hybrid switch/HBA on a highly integrated PCI-Express card form factor, now has evolved it into an intelligent Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter – further demonstrating years of commitment to enhancing extreme network computing board level products targeted for OEMs and Systems Integrators in embedded and real-time systems applications.

GigPCI-Express Switch – Model 6468. At its core, the Model 6468 is an 8 port Gigabit Ethernet L2 switch. The GbE switch fully interconnects the 8 ports at wire-speed. Four of the ports offer a host bus adapter (HBA) interface to the host driver and protocol stack. This provides major benefits by not having to use any base board Ethernet interfaces for switch connections, freeing them for other functions. The host ports talk through the Model 6468 onboard switch to any of the 4 external RJ-45 ports.

Model 6468’s core features an innovative “4+4” switching design that provides extreme performance and functionality and can be used to provide add-on Gigabit Ethernet switching capabilities in standard or rackmount server-based systems. In addition to the switch, it has a 4-port PCIe Intel-based Gigabit MAC host interface, an onboard FPGA for management and control, and transceivers for the interconnect. Switch management is provided via eeprom and the host bus interface. Optionally, a microcontroller function can be synthesized into the FPGA to enhance the onboard management capabilities.

The Model 6468 can be used as a standalone or simple managed multiport switch or front-end network processor and is fully IEEE 802.3 compliant. As a PCI-Express option card, it can be used to add-on scalable-switched networking capabilities to any embedded system design with either “x8” or “x16” PCI-Express slots.

Independent Bypass feature on System Hang. Unlike most network interface cards with bypass, you must have a power failure in order to re-route port connections resulting in a dedicated port groupings and fixed network connections. The problem is, this all most never happens. More often than not, systems typically hang along with your network connections. Whereas with a Model 6468, should your host system hang, the 4 external ports will be allowed to continue to route network connections through it’s onboard switch, not locking down port pairs, and continues independent bypass connections amongst the external ports.

Extreme performance and features: The Model 6468 is capable of running all ports at wire-speed including a host-bus interface throughput 980MB/sec (7.84Gb) and allows the Gbe switch to be embedded and tightly coupled with the CPU for advanced server control and routing capabilities. In addition to the Broadcom L2 switch and Intel MAC functions, a 4-port GbE Serdes transceiver from PMC-Sierra and a Lattice FPGA are used to provide interconnect and control functions. The combination of the switching, MAC’s, onboard routing and control functions provide a very high-level of performance, functionality and integration using a low amount of power in a compact space. Features supported include port-based and 802.1Q VLAN’s, trunking, failover and link-aggregation, port mirroring, protected ports, jumbo frames and 802.1p QOS/priority. Using this host interface coupled with the onboard FPGA allows dynamic control for advanced switching and management functions.

The Model 6468 GigPCI-Express Switch is available with an OEM Developers Kit containing Linux and VxWorks device drivers, library functions, frame generators, loopback tests, benchmark programs, statistics and management utilities and documentation.

DSS Networks, Inc. is a privately funded company located in Lake Forest CA and designs and manufactures embedded high-performance next generation Broadband Networking products based on technologies including Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-Express, PCI-X and CWDM. For more information, visit their website at http://www.dssnetworks.com.


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