Ease Handling; Eliminate Damage and Speed Handling of PC/104 Board Stacks with the PC/104 Extractor Tool

Montrose, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2011

Micro/sys, a leading manufacturer of embedded single board computers, has released an updated version of a cost savings maintenance tool designed to dis-assemble PC/104 board stacks. The PC/104 Extractor Tool eliminates the awkward and potentially damaging process of separating two boards plugged together in a PC/104 stack by easily lifting and separating the boards vertically with one easy squeeze on the tool. No longer do users need to rock the boards back and forth until the connector pins bend or damage components and risk user injury by jabbing a screwdriver between the two connectors to pry the boards apart. Now, engineers, OEM assemblers and field technicians can effortlessly separate PC/104 board stacks with one easy squeeze on the PC/104 Extractor Tool.

The PC/104 Extractor Tool, compatible with any board supporting the PC/104 mounting holes (which includes EBX and EPIC) is constructed of light-weight, high-strength anodized steel with a corrosion resistant black zinc finish. Its ergonomic design and smooth spring action produces a gentle coil release which safely detaches the boards in the stack. Intended for industrial use, the PC/104 Extractor Tool comfortably accommodates larger hands while maintaining less than 5 overall dimension and less than a

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