Electric Generators Direct Launches Essential Circuit Wizard

Bolingbrook, IL (PRWEB) June 30, 2009

Home standby generators come in a variety of sizes. The biggest challenge is determining the exact size for an individual home.


Online wattage wizards have existed for years. However, ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com – a leading online generator superstore – stopped promoting them years ago because they often produce irrelevant results.


According to Jon Hoch, founder and CEO of the online generator superstore, every home and appliance is unique. Calculations can vary significantly depending on the type, age & load requirements of each appliance.


“The wattage varies drastically from day to night. It changes when the refrigerator starts or the central air conditioner kicks on. In reality, it’s a rare occurrence to have every appliance running simultaneously,” said Hoch.


Instead of calculating the wattage of individual appliances, the new Essential Circuit Wizard developed by ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com simply factors the amperage ratings of the circuits you wish to back-up into the sizing tool.


“The objective of home standby generators is to restore power to mission critical circuits – not just a handful of appliances,” said Hoch. “You can size your home standby generator by simply looking at your main electrical panel.”


The Essential Circuit Wizard is surprisingly simple. Homeowners can print out a diagram of an electrical panel and check off the amperage of each essential circuit to be energized during an outage.


Once the circuits are identified, the homeowner inputs the information into the Essential Circuit Wizard, and it automatically sizes the generator based on the number and amperage of circuits.


Essential circuit standby generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches capable of restoring power to 8-16 circuits. The more circuits a homeowner wants powered; the bigger the generator they’ll need.


Plus, the Essential Circuit Wizard checks for compatibility with all of the home standby generators sold on ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com.


“It will automatically alert you if a circuit in the transfer switch needs to be swapped by a professional electrician,” said Hoch. “It will also tell you if there is extra power to energize a few additional circuits.”


According to Hoch, homeowners wanting to power more than 16 circuits will need to purchase a more expensive whole house generator instead.


Power Equipment Direct operates nine niche online superstores. In addition to ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com, the Bolingbrook, IL-based company operates AirCompressorsDirect.com, PressureWashersDirect.com, SnowBlowersDirect.com, MowersDirect.com, WaterPumpsDirect.com, SumpPumpsDirect.com, ChainSawsDirect.com and LogSplittersDirect.com.



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