ezVID Allows Microcontrollers Easy Access to Video

Lake Forest, California (PRWEB) October 5, 2004

This month, Multilabs announced the release of their ezVID serial video card. The video card is specifically designed for microcontrollers, and gives them the ability to generate text and graphic images on monitors, televisions, and similar-type equipment that accepts composite video signals.

The ezVID gives microcontrollers the ability to break free from visual indicators such as LEDs and LCDs. It provides for professional applications such as text messaging, diagnostics and status indication, but is also useful to the enthusiast user for applications in simple video games and graphics. The ezVID commands allow placement of any built-in or user defined character anywhere on the screen in any one of fourteen colors. An onboard controller and special video chip designed by Multilabs allows simple color video generation with only two communication lines required.

Commands are sent through TTL level asynchronous serial data lines. Other commands allow the user to define up to 256 custom characters, change the background color, clear the entire screen to any one of fourteen colors, or reset the system for a clean start. The pixel resolution of the screen is 188 by 254 and the video output is non-interlaced, composite, NTSC format.

The ezVID has a small footprint at only 2 by 2 inches with mounting holes in each corner. User interfacing is done through a 4-pin header and a standard RCA style jack is provided for the video output.

About Multilabs

Multilabs is a small Southern California business that specializes in microcontrollers and their supporting circuitry. Multilabs designs and manufactures engineering modules for microcontrollers and can provide engineering services in the microcontroller industry.

Please visit http://www.multilabs.net for more information or to order the ezVID serial video card. Media contact is preferred through email.


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