"Fire Them All?" – A Revolution Has Started and Its 1938 All Over Again; Peace in Our Time? Youre Not Listening, Again! …Time Has Run Out! …The Only Hope: Prop. 86

Gun Barrel City, TX (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

After 235 years in America, shouldnt the Supreme Courts difference between right and wrong be greater than a 4 to 5 decision? Bachmann, Paul, Romney, Santorum, Cain, Huntsman, Perry and Newt cant do it all for you. Beck warns, Rush enlightens, Hannity explains it five different ways, as Morris tells OReilly who sits in critical judgment of Coulter, Ingraham, Hoover, Kelly, Malkin & Rove all on the warpath, and I told you with whom your best chances lay when I wrote Chap. 31 in May, 2009 before I published and havent changed my mind in this revised printing. However, ultimate responsibility always ends with whom, numero uno. So, You say you want a revolution, BeatlesWell, occupy this, youve got one, states SENTRYMAN


Most Americans probably agree with the author, who loves his country but doesn’t trust the government running things. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are so preoccupied with trying to make a decent living to take care of their families; they have little time to think about changing the system. Government bureaucracy is a flawed but unstoppable force. If you’d like to get a better idea about the widespread abuse and inefficiency taking place in Washington, DC on a regular basis, grab a copy of this book. If nothing else, you will be more enlightened. by Larry Underwood, Author, Life Under the Corporate Microscope, on Amazon.


This newly updated nonfiction book with extra chapters seeks to end U.S. Government red tape with a patriots Proposition 86. It Was Never About The Black Guy, It Was About That Guy! And Washingtons Pyrates and Snakesss. The Final Solution Fire Them All??, by Everi Mann (Sentryman) is now available.


Sentryman clearly states that he wants this book to start a revolution; “A bloodless insurrection, a citizens uprising within a Constitution fewer politicians embrace today, with the same ferocity and passion to act out Finchs plea in Network; we’re just not going to take it anymore! No passion play here, deadly serious, this time the people will win with an old secret weapon: Prop 86, to eighty-six the government to take-back our country for all Americans, no matter your political persuasion, its easy, cheap and painless.

No one should ever again blindly rely upon elected representatives deaf to safeguarding our freedoms and ignoring our Constitution, or on some savior to save our bacon. Ending our Congressional employees death-grip on their citizen-employers wallets is what this battle plan is all about; a road map to return this nation to its former glory and greatness. Pres. Clinton took credit for Newts Congress, Pres. Bush took the blame for the Dems Congress, Pres. Obama takes credit for anything and responsibility for nothing and everyone finally likes Reagan thank God. Occupy that,” Sentryman professes.

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