Flintec Load Cell Design Helps to Create Vital Medical Solutions

Cardiff, Wales (PRWEB) September 11, 2009

Load cell design specialist Flintec has recruited eight new software and electronic developers to meet growing demand in its rapidly expanding medical devices division.

Medical equipment is Flintec’s fastest growing area of business.

Increasing numbers of specialist manufacturers are tasking Flintec’s load cell design experts to custom build the precision measuring systems at the heart of their life-saving hospital equipment.

Highly accurate precision load cells and electronics from Flintec are being used in new dialysis machines.

They are used in critical organ failure situations, keeping patients alive by measuring precisely the quantities of fresh blood and waste blood involved in the dialysis process.

Flintec’s load cells and electronics carry out highly accurate measurements up to 2,500 times per second.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said: “What we have given the clients are products which are far more reliable than the ones offered by their previous supplier and they are delighted with the performance.”

Load cell design experts at Flintec have also created custom-made load cells and connector circuits for a US medical manufacturer’s new infusion pumps.

The infusion pumps are used in fluid drips in a wide range of clinical environments – hospitals, out patient clinics and home care – to provide safe and accurate pain relief.

Flintec’s piston load cell is a “very important part of the pump – it is critical to the quality,” said Mr Weeks.

Load cell design specialists at Flintec have also designed a force sensor used in an advanced artificial knee joint.

The dual-channel sensor helps to control the movement of the intelligent knee joint so that it flexes or remains firm, depending upon the movements of the user.

Unlike normal artificial legs, which simply swing under gravity, the new knee joint enables a much more natural form of movement.

Mr Weeks said: “It has been used to help injured troops coming back from Afghanistan and Iran.”

Flintec’s rapid expansion in the medical sector is being fuelled by the company’s drive to carry out more custom load cell design work.

The company’s engineers are continually seeking out new challenging new load cell applications that require innovation and custom solutions.

Group Head of Engineering Bruce Somerton’s background is in the medical devices industry, predominantly in the area of patient handling.

Mr Somerton said: “In our work for the medical sector, we are pushing and challenging our engineers.

“You have to consider every possible eventuality, document all the possibilities, assess the risks and then mitigate them.”

For more information about load cell design solutions from Flintec, please contact David Weeks, +44 (0)2920 797959, http://www.flintec.com.

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Flintec is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision load cells and strain gage electronics – innovating a diverse range of force measurement solutions for customers who demand optimum accuracy, quality and customer service.

Founded in Sweden the company has focused upon the design and manufacture of strain gages, load cells, measurement electronics and software for a diverse industry base from weighing machinery to new markets in the medical device, industrial and agricultural machinery and process automation sectors.

Flintec is part of the Swedish Indutrade Group (http://www.indutrade.se) listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm. Indutrade comprises 100 subsidiaries with 3,000 employees and an annual revenue of $ 1 billion.

Our teams have always actively sought out the most difficult load cell weighing and force measurement challenges. Flintec innovates solutions for applications that rival firms either ignored or tackled badly.

In recent years, Flintec has expanded with:

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