Fujitsu Releases World’s Highest-Capacity Four-Stacked MCP & Two-Stacked MCP for standardisation of packages

(PRWEB) December 21, 2001

London, December 19th 2001. Fujitsu has announced the launch of the worlds first four-stacked multi-chip package (MCP) product, the MB84VZ064A, equipped with a pair of 64M NOR dual-operation flash memory chips, 32M mobile FCRAMTM with asynchronous SRAM interface and 8M SRAM, for the world’s largest memory capacity among MCPs.


In addition a two-stacked MCP incorporating 64M FCRAMTM has also been announced providing the highest mobile FCRAMTM on the market in a 9mm x 9mm package. Samples of both are currently available with volume production expected during Q2CY02.


Four-stacked MCP


The new product combines the memory used in two existing MCP products in a single four-chip stacked MCP with a 103-ball (10.0 x 9.0 x 1.4 mm) plastic BGA package. Combining these chips into one package reduces the total mounted surface area to about 63% of the previous combination of packages


Recently there has been a clear trend towards smaller mobile devices with higher functionality. With the introduction of 2.5G and 3G mobile phones next year in Europe, there is the expectation for increasing demand for phones with improved functionality and higher transmission speeds. These developments have created a demand for MCP memory that is physically smaller and runs on less power, but with more capacity and speed.


Fujitsu’s new MCP includes two 64M NOR-type dual-operation flash memory chips for storing programs and data. This flash memory, which was fabricated using of 0.17-micron process technology, runs faster than previous NOR-type flash products, performing sector erase operations in 0.2 seconds (one second for previous models), with access speeds of 70ns (80ns for previous models), and significantly improved electrical features.


The new MCP includes 32M mobile FCRAMTM and 8M SRAM. This new second-generation FCRAMTM uses just 25 mA of operating current and achieves access speeds of 70ns.


Two-stacked MCP


The two-stacked MCP has been developed as a stacked MCP that combines two essential chips used in mobile phones – flash memory and RAM (either mobile FCRAMTM or SRAM) – into one 9mm x 9mm, 65-ball PBGA package.


The new series includes four products: a new 64M NOR-type dual-operation flash memory chip with either an 8M SRAM chip or a 16M/32M/64M mobile FCRAMTM chip with an asynchronous SRAM interface.


Recent advances in mobile phone technology, driven by improved functionality and the addition of new services, have generated demand for memory with optimum levels of functionality and capacity. However, there is no standardisation in the packaging of the chips that power them. If there are any changes required in the memory capacity of the chips during the product development phase, the memory-device mounted area of the printed circuit board would need to be redesigned, resulting in large additional costs and time delays.


Fujitsu therefore developed this new series to solve this problem, standardising the memory packages for mobile phones. If there are any sudden changes to the specifications of a mobile phone during the product development phase, designers can simply mount an MCP with the required combination of memory capacity and functions, without having to redesign the board area mounted with the memory device, thereby reducing the time and costs of development and design work.


A combination of 64M of flash memory with a 16M FCRAMTM, Fujitsu’s new MCP reduces the total mounted surface area to as much as 61% of the previous packages.


For storing data and programs, Fujitsu’s new MCP uses flash memory that is fabricated using 0.17-micron process technology with the same characteristics as mentioned with the four stacked MCP.


The 16M/32M/64M FCRAMTM is Application Specific Memory for mobile phones that offers access speeds of 80ns/70ns/70ns, standby current of 70 microamps/100 microamps/150 microamps, and power down current of just 10 microamps, thereby combining high speeds with low power consumption.


About Fujitsu Microelectronics


Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe is a major supplier of semiconductor products to the European and global market. The company’s main business focus is on providing systems solutions to the networking/telecommunications, mobile communications, automotive and multimedia markets.


This integrated solutions approach is supported by a broad range of semiconductor devices, including ATM telecommunications ICs, RF devices, PLLs and SAW filters, microcontrollers and microprocessors, FCRAMs and Flash memory. The company is also a leader in colour plasma display panels. For more information visit Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe’s website at



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