Going the Distance with Positrons TeleLite Long Reach Plug-in Optical Modules

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

Positron, the leader in copper and fiber based high voltage GPR isolation products, announced today the release of their new Long Reach fiber optic transmission and receiver plug-in modules, complementing their TeleLite fiber optic transport and isolation product line. These all-SMT digital plug-in modules benefit from a hardened design and are intended for an electronically hostile environment. These long reach units (49 miles) are ideal for low cost communications transport.


The TeleLite Long Reach optical modules are perfectly suited to leverage a power utilitys internal communications infrastructure using OPtical Ground Wire (OPGW) fiber cables to extend their communication network services. Single-mode optical fibers within the cable can be used for high-speed data transmission for protective relaying, system control circuit and voice and data, serving as high-speed fiber interconnection between distant power substations. The optical fibers themselves are all-dielectric. As such, they are immune to external sources of signal transmission noise, crosstalk, and induction caused by lightning discharges or electric fields associated with power transmission lines. Typically, OPGW cables contain single-mode optical fibers with low transmission loss, allowing long distance transmission at high speeds.

Positrons TeleLite Long Reach plug-in modules are easily deployed using the OPGW and provide the following benefits:


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