GreenArrays Announces a New Alliance with SchmartBoard, Inc.

Incline Village, NV (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

GreenArrays announced today that it has become an OEM Partner of SchmartBoard, Inc. As a result, a SchmartBoard|ez prototyping circuit board is now available for the GreenArrays GA144 multicomputer chip.

“Our company recently began shipping production chips and evaluation kits from stock,” explains Greg Bailey, GreenArrays President. “By implementing the patented SchmartBoard|ez technology, it is now feasible to develop applications with the GA144 at very low cost because the chip may be hand-soldered to the printed circuit board for prototyping. We see this initiative as a first enabling step toward making our products broadly accessible to everyone interested in exploring the exciting new possibilities opened by our advanced technology.”

The GA144 is a highly energy-efficient multicomputer chip that integrates 144 computers operating independently and asynchronously in a 10mm x 10mm package, smaller than the size of your thumbnail. It employs software-defined I/O to provide customers the flexibility to reprogram the device, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. Executing 96 billion operations/second, the versatile chip operates at exceptionally low power (less than 10 picojoules per operation) and is extremely fast (more than 650 MIPS per on-chip computer). Compared to the TI MSP430, for example, each GA144 instruction takes about 1/47 the energy, yet each of the 144 computers is capable of executing instructions 83 times as fast while there is work to be done, suspending instantly when finished and consuming negligible energy while waiting for more work. Moreover, it can scale to operate in parallel with other GA144 chips to serve applications requiring more expansive arrays.

According to GreenArrays, the GA144 delivers an unprecedented combination of processing speed and energy efficiency for all types of embedded applications, including those found in demanding automotive, military and aerospace environments.

About GreenArrays

Founded by legendary inventor Charles H. Moore, GreenArrays, Inc. is a privately held corporation focused on developing multicomputer chips and development tools to implement energy-efficient solutions for a broad range of embedded applications. The company serves customers by producing chips, collaborating in rapid product development based on existing or custom chips, and assisting in development of advanced wafer scale integrated systems. GreenArrays also invites requests to create turnkey solutions that meet demanding applications.

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About SchmartBoard

SchmartBoard is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patented “EZ” Technology makes hand soldering of surface mount components fast and flawless and are utilized by engineers, education and hobbyists for simple to complex electronic circuit design work.

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