Guardian Waste Group Announces New Interactive Internet Platform

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) December 14, 2005

Guardian Waste Group, Inc. announces the use of a new interactive Internet platform. This website platform is designed to integrate work orders, service history, invoices, customer satisfaction and the payment process. The process is an innovative technology platform that is based on ASP (application service provider) technology that allows both internal and external users to utilize the same application and share information throughout the entire contractor management and work order process.


This electronically driven platform requires minimal support staff training and is completely paperless; therefore, transaction time is greatly reduced and extremely efficient. Each step of the user-friendly process is initiated by an email which includes a link to the applications next step. Transactions are easily accessible, completely visible and include work order approval, invoice status and payment information. The site is also easily configured with familiar screens; enabling users both within and external to the organization to quickly deploy solutions.


Ultimately, this innovative platform will aid the Guardian Waste Group and its clients and customers by effectively and efficiently integrating and coordinating the many vendor and maintenance aspects of contract management. The work order driven implementation will assist in the vendor and maintenance and repair aspects of the business process by:


Interactively tracking and monitoring each step,

Providing the ability to solicit and attract electronic bids from vendors,

Including information on:

Contractor certification and selection,

Maintenance planning and scheduling.

The platform provides access to detailed information about company assets, maintenance requirements, including equipment details, maintenance history, warranty information and any documents, procedures, logs or schematic diagrams that have been loaded into the system. All of these components will augment traditional proprietary software for waste and recycling collections that are presently in place.


Guardian Waste Group, Inc. President and CEO Tom Allen adds, We are excited by this announcement. The Guardian Waste Group continues to be an innovative industry leader through the deployment of this website platform.


Guardian Waste Group is utilizing WorkOasis as the technology platform provider for managing this new initiative, which is owned and operated by FM Solutions, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.




Tom Allen




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