Hameg oscilloscopes – a unique discount for schools and students

Till the end of the year 2013, you can gain accessories in the value of 1094 Eur for only 160 Eur. Special offer is valid for all digital storage oscilloscopes of the HMO series.
A high quality oscilloscope is an excellent measuring tool, able to show us even things, which we´ll never see on a multimeter. HAMEG digital storage oscilloscopes belong to a top in the price/ performance ratio, but we have yet another strong reason for their purchase.
Hameg oscilloscopes - a unique discount for schools and students
At purchase of any digital storage oscilloscope of HAMEG HMO series you´ll gain license keys HOO10 (for analysis of I2C, SPI, UART/ RS232 buses), HOO12 (for analysis of CAN and LIN buses) and the 8-channel logic probe HO3508 in an overall value of 1094 Eur, for only 160 Eur. In other words, this special bundle HMO-ED01 can be gained for 298+498+298 “=” 160 Eur, i.e. more than an 85% discount .
Special offer is valid for secondary schools, universities (but not corporate training facilities), also available to students of higher education facilities (proof of entity required). It is also possible to order types, which aren´t currently in stock.
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