Hawk winds over New Jersey

(PRWEB) August 27, 2004

This autumn will bring ‘Hawk winds’ over New Jersey.


The winds come in the form of several bands and a light show; all of which are related to ‘Hawkwind’, the British ‘spacerock’ band, which is still going strong under the leadership of it’s ‘captain’, Dave Brock. Hawkwind formed in 1969.


From the original lineup came saxophonist NIk Turner, who wrote or co-wrote many of the bands early classics, such as ‘Masters of the Universe’, & ‘Brainstorm’. Turner eventually left the band, but continued on with his version of spacerock. October 6th, will bring the sax player to the ‘Court Tavern’ in New Brunswick, for a very rare New Jersey performance. NIk will be backed up by his U.S. band ‘Spaceseed’ and the evening will feature some great supporting bands as well.


The One Eyed Bishops, though based in New Jersey, have seen their greatest fortunes in The United Kingdom; supporting Hawkwind, and similar bands as a regular on England’s ‘summer festival circuit’. This summer was no exception, and The OEBs, among other performances in The U.K., supported Hawkwind’s original lead guitarist, Huw Lloyd Langton at a ‘free festival’ outside Oxford this past June. In 2002 the band performed at the Devon Hawkfestival, at the personal request of Hawkwind, and appear on the CD document of the event, entitled:

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