IES field service engineers support Dynex team with fast ion-implanter installation

(PRWEB UK) 6 July 2011

Faced with the urgent installation of an NV10-160 ion implanter, Dynex Semiconductor needed a talented field service engineer to supplement their engineering team. With a tight deadline ahead, the manufacturer used IES to source the semiconductor equipment engineers needed for this specialised task.

Rick Halle, the business development manager for the IES Engineering Resource Support division, initially contacted Dynex after being advised of their requirement by another customer. Realising the urgency of the installation, he met with Dynexs IGBT Wafer Fabrication Manager Tony Garraway and Wafer Fab Equipment Group Leader Mark Linnecor the following morning. Another successful collaboration had begun.

Specialist field service engineer needed

Along with factory relocation and other services, engineering resource support for the semiconductor industry is an IES speciality. Based on the agreed requirement, the IES ERS team quickly identified suitable resource for the work and submitted two engineers CVs to Dynex for approval. They also prepared work proposals: one for a 1.5-day assessment investigation and support; a second for the installation work itself.

Implanter installed in under two weeks

Shortly after completing an initial assessment with Axcelis specialist Graham Robertson, Malcolm Howland, an IES implant support engineer, began two weeks work at Dynexs Lincoln plant. Throughout the project, the two contract field service engineers worked closely with the Dynex engineering team members who were very supportive and helped whenever required.


To everyones credit, the work was finished and Dynex was able to produce wafers in just 10 days. Whats more, the newly-installed machine provided much-needed back-up for another a Dynex implanter.

extremely good value

Describing the role of IES in the installation, Dynexs Mark Linnecor said:

IES have the right approach; their specialist engineers complemented our resource, they did the job quickly and gave value for money. Wed definitely consider using them again.

Valuable support for semiconductor companies

As well as demonstrating the expertise of two carefully-selected IES-sourced field service engineers, successful project completion showed yet again the value of contract engineering resource for engineering teams in advanced-technology industries.

Speaking after completion of the project, Rick Halle said:

IES quickly understood Dynexs needs then implemented and executed a plan so our contract field service engineer had the NV10-160 fully operational within 2 weeks. It was a pleasure to work with the Dynex team at managerial and engineering levels. As a supplier its good to hear Dynex say we performed well from beginning to end and gave excellent value. Wed like to thank Dynex for their support and wish them every success in the power semiconductor market. We look forward to working with them again.



Since 1991, IES has developed specialist expertise in engineering resource support. IES focuses on the semiconductor industry and other technology industries.

Typical short-and long-term positions filled by IES engineering resource support include field service engineer, contract field service engineer and field service technician positions. Working around the world, IES engineering services complement the companys ability to match engineering staff to specialised temporary and permanent field service engineer jobs and many other engineering positions. During times of economic uncertainty, access to a reliable source of short-term engineering resource helps customers minimise disruption caused by hire and fire cycles.

Other IES specialist engineering services include these:

Factory relocation
Machine and other equipment moves
Machine installation
Preventative maintenance
Equipment modification
Export packing and case making
Logistics services
Customs clearance
Business relocation services
Engineering programme management

These integrated services make IES the perfect one-stop partner for organisations in many different industries. From a temporary field service engineer to moving a complete semiconductor fabrication plant around the world, IES has everything covered.

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd

Dynex designs and manufactures high power bipolar semiconductors, high power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules, high power electronic assemblies and radiation hard silicon-on-sapphire integrated circuits (SOS ICs). The companys power products are used worldwide in power electronic applications including electric power transmission and distribution, renewable and distributed energy, marine and rail traction motor drives, aerospace, electric vehicles, industrial automation and controls and power supplies. Its IC products are used in demanding applications in the aerospace industry. Dynex Semiconductor Ltd, based in Lincoln, is the only operating business in a facility housing the fully integrated silicon fabrication, assembly and test, sales, design and development operations. Dynex is majority owned by Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd.


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