iFoundry Systems announces MSP430 Bluetooth Evaluation Kit

Singapore (PRWEB) February 13, 2009

iFoundry Systems has announced the introduction of the IFSYS-5651 MSP430 Bluetooth Evaluation Kit. Designed with embedded, low power wireless applications in mind. The kit includes built-in Bluetooth connectivity to help product developers add short range wireless communications to their products. IFSYS-5651 is based on the popular Texas Instruments’ MSP430F54xx family microcontrollers.

Ivan Soh, Managing Director of iFoundry Systems, said, ‚ÄúTexas Instruments‚Äô MSP430F54xx family microcontrollers provide both extensive code memory capacity and very low power consumption, making it ideal for power skimpy applications such as battery operated health/medical products.‚ÄĚ The IFSYS-5651 supports 3rd party Bluetooth Stacks, which are available from iFoundry‚Äôs partners.

Simultaneously, iFoundry is announcing a reference design for a Bluetooth Oximeter based on Smith Medical’s Oxilink Oximeter sensor. This reference design, based on the IFSYS-5651, allows the demonstration of data transfer (pulse rate, oxygen saturation levels) wireless via Bluetooth technology, to a PC or mobile phone. Other reference designs for medical/health applications based on the IFSYS-5651 kit will be made available in future.

The IFSYS-5651 is an ideal platform to prototype/investigate adding Bluetooth functionality to medical, industrial and consumer devices, which utilize the TI MSP family of processors. iFoundry can provide hardware design and integration services to customers to enable them to lower the time to market, and assist customers in getting their products Bluetooth qualified and shippable.

For more information about the IFSYS-5651 MSP430 Bluetooth Evaluation Kit or the Smiths Medical Bluetooth Oximeter Reference Design, please contact iFoundry at support (at) ifoundrysys (dot) com or visit our website at http://www.ifoundrysys.com/support_product_5651.asp.

About iFoundry Systems Singapore

iFoundry Systems is a privately held company, formed in 1993 and headquartered in Singapore. iFoundry Systems is an Original Design Manufacturer, specializing in short range wireless technology, consumer audio devices and internet appliances. The company’s products include complete turnkey solutions for customers in the industrial, medical and consumer electronics segments. iFoundry Systems’ customers include major chipset and OEM customers in the industrial, medical and consumer electronics areas. For more information about iFoundry, visit the company Web site at http://www.ifoundrysys.com.


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