Indianapolis-Based Engineering Company Drafts ZigBee How-To for Wireless Design Magazine

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) May 22, 2006

Authored by Indesign veteran and principal software engineer, John Sawyer, the article provides a practical tutorial for creating and developing a ZigBee radio application.


Mr. Sawyer begins with a list of questions that enable the reader to determine whether ZigBee technology is appropriate for a particular application. It then identifies tips for choosing a ZigBee technology provider and offers additional information on what a designer should consider before selecting a partner.


The article also discusses the advantages and disadvantage of designing with a ZigBee radio module before it launches into dialogue about architecture and network configurations.


Complete with illustrations and photography, Mr. Sawyers piece makes it easy for engineers to understand the intricacies of designing a ZigBee radio application.


The article also considers other requirements such as time-to market. In this section of the article, the author talks about high volume production, two-phase development, and cost-effective integrated design that merges functionality from modules into a single circuit board. Concerns about regulatory standards and compliance testing are also mentioned in this part of the tutorial.


Mr. Sawyer even mentions important points about emission levels, product labeling, and antenna limitations and suggests having a software-based manufacturing test for programming the MAC address into each device.


He concludes by qualifying the ZigBee as a well-defined and feature-rich radio standard yet consents that developing a ZigBee technology product is not a trivial exercise. It is an endeavor that involves many engineering disciplines working together to define, architect, design, test and ready the final product for sale.


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