Informix Port Delivers Unlimited Database Scalability for Popular SaaS Application

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 7 February 2012

Oninit, the leading Informix services company, announces that SugarCRM, the worlds fastest-growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, has been ported onto IBMs Informix, effectively eliminating some of the scalability concerns that can exist with this and many other Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. This brings together one of the worlds fastest and most flexible databases with a hugely popular open source application, and effectively demonstrates to application developers the suitability of Informix as a core database platform for SaaS applications.


SugarCRM, a leading open source CRM solution, is increasingly being used by larger enterprises and governments whose data management needs can increase exponentially as usage gathers momentum. With an Informix database in place SugarCRM users will be able to create and manage extremely heavily populated CRM systems without seeing a decrease in performance. Some databases which are traditionally used to build SaaS applications, or which are used as enterprise database servers to support such applications in-house, can struggle to maintain referential integrity and speeds of query response as the amount of information being stored and managed increases.


States John Baker, Managing Director of Oninit Group: After several months of development in partnership with systems integrator i2Global, we are delighted to see SugarCRM running efficiently on Informix. With the demand for SaaS increasing, it made business sense to demonstrate Informixs perfect suitability for the job. Delivering SugarCRM on Informix shows that it can easily power a major SaaS application. It offers unlimited growth, outstanding performance and is the ideal platform for creating and managing heavily populated databases.

Using SugarCRM on Informix has also simplified and speeded up the data upload process. Recent tests by i2Global show that large amounts of records can be uploaded in minutes, as opposed to many hours as experienced with another often-used SQL database, representing significant user time savings.


Partnership of partners

The desire to prove Informix within large scale SaaS environments was stimulated in part by demand from China and other rapidly growing emerging markets which feature extremely large organisations supporting huge numbers of corporate users, for whom scalability is a real potential barrier.


The decision to port Sugar CRM onto Informix as the first implementation was validated by the groundbreaking partnership recently signed between Oninit and US IBM reseller, PreferredPartner, which is actively providing IBM-based information technology solutions to the Chinese market where there is high demand for efficient, extensible, and affordable CRM solutions based on world-class IBM database technologies, something that Sugar CRM on Informix uniquely provides.


Explains Craig Humphreys, Vice President of Technology, at PreferredPartner: The opportunity in China for SugarCRM on Informix is quite substantial. With this partnership of partners, combining our knowledge of the Chinese market, our development experience extending the capabilities of Sugar CRM, and Oninits network of Informix expertise such as i2Global, we have rapidly developed a solution to meet the demands of this massive emerging market. Within a short space of time, we are already conducting demonstrations in China, particularly in the financial services and distribution industries.


SugarCRM is the leading Open Source CRM which users can deploy either in the cloud or on their own servers, and is becoming a highly popular platform for third party integration.


About Oninit

Oninit was founded in 1999 as a specialist Informix developer and consulting team, and since that time has grown into a leading Informix services company providing a range of Informix database and application development, support and training services to companies in the UK and across EMEA from its base in Cirencester, UK.


Informix is deeply embedded in the enterprise IT systems of many thousands of companies worldwide. Oninit provides the vital Informix technical support and development services which are required by these complex systems.


Oninit helps companies to develop new Informix applications as well as support, enhance, integrate and modernise applications running on older installations. It works with customers to upgrade and modernise these to take maximum advantage of the latest Informix technical enhancements and additions, ensuring a roadmap for their future IT or establishing an evolutionary path to more modern open or virtualised architectures.


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About PreferredPartner

Founded in 2000, PreferredPartner has a unique business model that has propelled the company into a top world-wide IBM Premier Business Partner. PreferredPartner provides full solutions in Passport Advantage and Application Specific Licensing models, as well as provisioning, implementation, and full-scale professional services. PreferredPartner provides end-to-end customer and ISV/Integrator solutions based on IBM Information Management, Tivoli, WebSphere, Lotus, and Rational, and Security software.


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