Inventek Systems Announces Integrated WiFi Enabling Software for Embedded 802.11 eS-WiFi Applications

Billierica, Massachusetts (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

Inventek Systems eS-WiFi AT Command Set Software provides designers the ability to easily integrate WiFi connectivity into their embedded systems independent of the operating system and independent of the system complexity. Inventeks eS-WiFi module family is based exclusively on Broadcom Corporations leading edge WiFi technology and components. All eS-WiFi products use these AT commands, have FCC certification, and offer the industries smallest footprint (15mmx30mm). These hardware and software enhancements that are integrated into all eS-WiFi modules help customers minimize development time and allow a quick production ramp-up.


The eS-WiFi AT Command software consists of a series of short text strings which combine together to produce complete instructions for communicating with the eS-WiFi module and instructing the module to connect to a network and send and receive data. Basic operational command examples include: F0 (Find Networks), C0 (Join Network), T0 (Ping), S0 (Send Data), R0 (Receive data), C4 (Set DHCP). A summary of the complete list of commands is available online at AT_CMD_Quick_Ref.pdf. These commands are sent to the eS-WiFi module over the UART input pin or through the SPI bus. The eS-WiFi module accepts these simple 2 digit commands, a Cortex M3 Microcomputer interprets them and through an SDIO bus communicates with Broadcoms 802.11 MAC/Baseband/Radio chip. This simple AT Command Set programming feature makes the eS-WiFi module agnostic and therefore independent of the operating system and host processor allowing the use of a low cost microcomputer for input to the module.


The Inventek Users Manual for the eS-WiFi module provides several program examples showing the AT Command code for the most popular WiFi functions including those listed below:


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