Lastec to Supply South Korean High Tech with Schmartboard

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) August 7, 2004

Schmartboard has just begun to add international distributors. According to Neal Greenberg, SchmartBOARD’s VP Sales and Marketing, “We know that the South Korea is a high tech world leader in electronics. Many of the high tech companies based in the Korea are household names that have produced technologies that we all use on a daily basis. We are confident in Lastec’s ability to get Schmartboard into these R&D centers as well as the educational institutions that are creating the engineers of tomorrow for South Korea”

According to Doo Seong Sohn, Lastec’s Director, “We feel that the SchmartBoard products are the only goods available today to save considerable time & cost of designing and prototyping of electronic circuits. Tthe SchmartBoard product line will please and satisfy our Korean customers.”

The Schmartboard solution allows one to in a matter of hours to put together a board and instantly make modifications as one needs to. With Schmartboard one does not have to order a custom PCB initially or deal with wire-wrap boards. Schmartboards are pre-traced printed circuit boards that are connectable like building blocks. We call this patented product, “Electronic Circuit Building Blocks”. They allow one to build electronic circuits on a SchmartBoard block by block, and then connect the blocks together to form a functional board. Because the boards are pre-traced, the need for wire jumpers is minimized, as opposed to breadboards or wire-wrap boards.

About SchmartBOARD (

SchmartBOARDTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. Schmartboard’s patent pending Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. More information about Schmartboard can be found at

About Lastec (

LASTEC has introduced and distributed high-tech products in the field of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical parts to the Korean market since 1986.

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