Lightweight piezo film speaker targets thin TVs

Kyocera has developed an ultra-thin, lightweight audio device, dubbed the Smart Sonic Sound, based on the company’s fine ceramic technology.
lightweight piezo film speaker
The 1mm-thin speaker uses a piezoelectric actuator combined with a special film to create a piezo film speaker, enabling the manufacture of very thin TVs, PCs and tablets with improved audio quality. The device’s low directivity characteristics broaden the sound projection range, providing 180-degree sound quality and bringing delicate and minute sounds to life, says the manufacturer.
This piezo actuator audio technology is already in use, LG Electronics integrated it into its 55” curved-screen OLED TV. Smart Sonic Sound comes in three different sizes, 70×110×1.5mm, 35×65×1.0mm and 19.6×27.5×0.7mm, with respective frequency ranges of 200Hz to 20kHz, 500Hz to 20kHz and 800Hz to 20kHz. They weigh 23g, 7g and 1g respectively.
Kyocera plans to expand its use in a broad range of applications including digital devices and automotive applications with strict weight requirements.
Smart Sonic Sound information page/press release
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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.
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