Beefs Up Range of 12 Volt Handheld and Remote Control Hunting Spotlights

Kemp, TX (Vocus) December 12, 2009

Larson Electronics Magnalight announced several additions to its HL-85 series of hunting lights for this season, including the HL-85 halogen spotlight, HL-85-HID 3200 lumen HID spotlight and HL-8510W LED spotlight. The HUL-18 is another durable addition with a specially made, oversized tungsten bulb with output that approaches the power of HID bulbs, but at a halogen light price. The RL-85-10W1 is a rechargeable handheld spotlight that runs for 5 hours on single charge and delivers a 900 foot beam. The entire range of hunting spotlights is available in 12 and 24 volts and red lenses are available for the HL-85, HL-85-HID and RL-85 spotlights.


High Intensity Discharge (HID) upgraded remote controlled Golights now found on include the GL-3049H-M in black, the GL-3067H-M in white and the GL-3085H-M in camouflage. The addition of the ballast, starter and bulb, combined with some minor circuit board changes enhances beam length from a standard 850 foot length to well over 3000 feet. Each remote control spotlight with HID upgrade is equipped with a 200 pound grip magnetic base and detachable 16 foot cord with cigarette plug. The magnetic Golight Strykers with HID upgrades offer outdoorsmen the ability to control the lights position via a handheld or dash mount wireless controller while searching for predators and varmints.


We were looking to offer more choices in lightweight, durable high output lighting for outdoorsmen using hunting spotlights. Coyotes and other predators require a longer beam and the HID Golights and HID handheld HL-85-HID spotlights give those hunters what they need. We sponsor Team Foxpro, Powder River Predators, Ultimate Predator Hunters and a few other groups that focus on predator hunting. Their feedback has led to several enhancements in the line. We also developed a hand controlled HID roof mount light as a result of these interactions.

Rob concluded, Of course our latest addition to the HL-85 series is the HL-85-10W1, which is an 800 lumen, 10 Watt LED spotlight. This LED spotlight draws less than 1 amp on 12 volts and projects a beam 900 feet long by 45 feet wide at its widest point. Reflective and white objects can be seen to distances of 1500 feet. This LED spotlight weighs less than 1 pound and has a narrow reflector head that is less than 2 inches in diameter. You can hold this light all night long and never get tired. This LED light projects as much light as the halogen HL-85, but without the larger reflector. The HL-85-10W1 redefines what a compact, pistol grip style 12/24 volt spotlights is. The LED light head is rated for 50,000 hours of life, so changing a bulb is no longer a concern. The RL-8510W1 is the rechargeable version of this LED spotlight, with a lithium ion battery pack that enables the light to run a full 5 hours on a single charge.


Larson Electronics offers a wide array of hunting spotlights, military spotlights and utility work lights. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363).


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