Mini 7-Segment Clock, Part III

I received my Mini 7-Segment Clock PCBs. I’m pretty excited to put one together. I think it’s going to look pretty cool, being so tiny.
I’ve always liked 7-segment displays. With the popularity of LCDs, TFTs, and touch screens, etc, you’d think these displays would be obsolete by now. If you keep an eye out for them, you’ll be amazed at just how many times they pop up. Everything from microwaves to dishwashers. We have test equipment at work that costs thousands of dollars that use these cheap $2 displays. Even though they are still pretty popular today, I’ve always thought of them as rather “retro”.
Mini 7 Segment Clock  Part III
I got the boards ready to go by taking my Dremel to the break-away tabs around the edges. I then stared by soldering in the crystal, the caps, and the resistors.
I then soldered on the DS3231. Tricky with those 16 fine-pitched pins, but it came out pretty nice.
A 2-pin Dupont connector will eventually be soldered directly to the 5V DC adapter. I’ll just cut the leads off and solder one on. No need for a huge, bulky connector. With it sitting flush with the PCB, I can keep the overall thickness of the clock to a minimum.
For more detail: Mini 7-Segment Clock, Part III

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