Mobitex Technology AB Endorses CML’s M2M SuperChip

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005

The time, space and component-saving wireless data IC – The CMX990 has achieved much critical acclaim since its launch at Electronica 2004.

Suited to a variety of M2M applications, from vending machines to utility meters and alarm panels, the CMX990 easily replaces CML’s existing GMSK packet-data modem, the CMX909B IC, to give unparalleled performance in new generation products operating on the Mobitex network, amongst others.

As a single-chip GMSK packet-data modem with integrated RF transceiver, the innovative half-duplex CMX990, has been evaluated and approved by Mobitex Technology AB, Sweden, calling the CMX990 the CML ‘SuperChip’.

Mobitex Technology AB designs, supplies and supports wireless packet switched data networks using unique MobitexTM technology. Mobitex itself is the world leading system for dedicated wireless data developed originally by Ericsson.

Mobitex Technology AB is operated from Gothenburg Sweden, with extensive competence in the field of wireless data having supplied over 30 networks worldwide to major and independent Telecoms operators.

The endorsement granted to CML’s CMX990, places the ‘SuperChip’ in a position as unique as the chip itself. Offering a versatile baseband modem, IF and RF processing functions, programmable synthesizers, signal level-setting functions and comprehensive on-chip and peripheral control, monitoring and interfacing, the CMX990 pushes the M2M industry further forward, by reducing manufacturing BOM costs, end-product weight and power consumption, all due to it’s clever design integration, developed in a joint partnership with Mobitex Technology AB (formerly Ericsson).

The CMX990 offers a data range of 4 to 16 kb/s with selectable BT values, at RF frequencies of 400MHz to 1GHz. The CMX990 is configurable to both freeformat and packet data schemes, is fully Mobitex compatible and can be set to comply with EN 300 113 and FCC CFR 47 Part 90 standards, employing simple task-command configuration to provide simplicity and efficiency to the control and operation of the modem.

FEC, CRC, data scrambling and interleaving functions are available on the CMX990. Automatic Rx clock extraction and signal level measurement/compensation allows the unit to operate in all signal conditions. By employing external VCO inputs, the two programmable on-chip synthesisers provide all the frequencies necessary for wireless data operation.

Addressable on-chip DACs and ADCs are provided for control and monitoring of a wide range of external functions, including system levels and the VCO loops, with separate dedicated functions for RF PA stage and TCXO control.

With low operational power of 3.0 volts and availability in a ‘no-leads’ 64 VQFN package, optimum power consumption can be assured at all times by the separate dynamic power saving of unused functions.

Three separate PCB-based kits are available for the CMX990, for evaluation and speedy design-in:

EV9900 – The universal CMX990 evaluation kit, to demonstrate general data operation; this board comes complete with a parallel interface to connect to an external host, and is loaded with components for use in the 800-900MHz band, with support for 400MHz operation.

EV9902 – A Hyperstone microcontroller development card with embedded firmware, supplied with a PC based GUI, to allow easy evaluation of the CMX990, in general purpose non-Mobitex applications.

DE9901 – A total ‘plug-and-play’ Mobitex evaluation kit, complete with embedded Mobitex Technology AB object code.

Assistance is available from CML’s help-desks for implementation of the CMX990 into wireless data applications: [email protected].

Further product information can be found at or by calling Mark Channen on +44 (0) 1621 875500.

The CMX990 was recently showcased at the 2005 Mobitex Business and Networking Conference in New York 29th –30th August.


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