Networking and Internetworking Wirh Microcontrollers – AVR E-Book

Networking and Internetworking Wirh Microcontrollers

Today, networking capability in one form or another- in particular internet accessibility- is becoming mandatory in many embedded applications, including home appliances, security, automotive design, and industrial control. Sophisticated networking and communications capabilities that were previously the sole domani of mainframes, PC’s and workstations are now moving into the realm of smaller embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers. However, the documentation for standards for implementing networking functionality using small microcontrollers are not in place, and design information is difficult to find. This book pulls together the necessary design information and shows how to use ntoday’s affordable microcontrollers for powerful networkign applications such as LAN’s (local area networks) and embedded internet. Using working code examples and schematic diagrams, the reader is guided through the basics of developing his or her own aspplications usiong two popular microcontrollers, the Atmel AVR and PIC. The features and pros/cons of the two microcontroller families are comapred and contrasted throughout. Full working designs for implementing embedded internet and Ethernet connectivitty are described and sample sourse code is provided and thoroughly explained.


Title Networking and Internetworking Wirh Microcontrollers
Embedded Technology Series
Author Fred Alan Eady
Edition illustrated
Publisher Newnes, 2004
ISBN 0750676981, 9780750676984
Length 353 pages

Computers / Computer Engineering
Computers / Internet / General
Computers / Networking / General
Technology & Engineering / Automation
Technology & Engineering / Electrical
Technology & Engineering / Electronics / Microelectronics

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