(PRWEB) March 7, 2003

LANCASTER, PA.–November, 2002. Maxima Technologies, the group enterprise that produces the AST, Datcon and Stewart Warner brands of vehicle instruments, has introduced a new version of its standard IntelliSensor unit, the award-winning, fully electronic, patented fuel-level sensor launched in 1997 currently used by numerous O.E.M.s in on- and off-road vehicles. Called the “New IntelliSensor”, the new version provides a more compact design, more advanced electronics, and a lower price point resulting in a better value for the customer. Sixty-one versions have been released, ranging from 6”-36” in length in 1/2” increments. Units provide a form-fit-function replacement for ANY fuel sender using a standard SAE 5-hole flange.


The New IntelliSensor operates in most hydrocarbon-based mediums (e.g. diesel, gas or hydraulic fluid), and it can be used in ANY tank, whether round or non-round, metal or plastic, baffled or unbaffled, to give the user maximum flexibility. It is especially effective in ultra harsh applications subject to continuous vibration, random shock, heavy slosh, severe operating angles (i.e. if the vehicle is climbing a steep hill), or severe heat or cold. It is ideal for vehicles where reliability is top priority and replacement is not an option due to fuel tank location. A major feature of the product is that is uses NO MOVING PARTS. Other features include:


More compact design with rugged, extruded aluminum tube and reinforced mounting flange molded in engineered resin.


Sealed SMT electronics with on-board microcontroller for easy programming and improved reliability; capability for volumetric tank-level measurement in non-standard-shaped tanks, making it especially ideal for today’s plastic fuel tanks.


Impervious to corrosion and outgassing associated with fuel sender installations in freshly molded tanks; flange sealed to 6 psi; isolated ground electrical connections.


EMC compliant at typical O.E.M. levels; protected from reverse polarity, over-voltage & potentially damaging transients.


More accurate than conventional fuel-level senders.


Operates over wide temperature range: -40°C to + 85°.


Configurable with a data-bus system–can be interfaced with an electronic display.


Of particular note, the New IntelliSensor is ideally suited for performance related applications where reliability is a primary concern, when it is assumed that a typical mechanical float-arm style fuel sender is adversely impacted by severe operating conditions.


Maxima Technologies is a full-service, global electronics company specializing in electronic controls, vehicle instrumentation, components and related systems. Maxima is a preferred supplier to many O.E.M.s in the off-highway, industrial, specialty vehicle, and on-highway (truck & bus) markets, and a market leader in the heavy-duty vehicle and automotive aftermarket with its Stewart Warner brand instruments. The company is ISO 9001 and QS-9000 certified.


For more information, contact Michael R. Stoeckel @ 717-581-1000, ext. 219, or [email protected].

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